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WyrmWyrks is the creation of Bernie Hardesty Filemyr. She is a PMC certified artisan and a member of the PMC Guild. Bernie has been working with stained glass since 1987 and has progressed to warm glass and hot glass. She first heard about silver clay 1997 but did not start working with it until 2003. Currently her interest in silver clay is combining it with these other materials. Bernie's current listings are found under Art by WyrmWyrks catagory.

The Best ToolKit for Metal clay artists was a collaborative idea by JoAnn Sartorius and Bernie who use these kits to teach their students, many of whom have found the kit wonderful to work from and purchased their own. They were looking to make a really useful starter kit that could travel easily and keep the cost low. We think that has been achieved and hope you enjoy using yours.

Occasionally other artists will be presented with some of their works for purchase.

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